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How to correctly address mail for Western Europe Austria  Herr Franz Huber Beethovenstrasse 12 1010 WIEN AUSTRIA   Belgium  Mr Willy Janssens Lange Stationsstraat 352 3000 LEUVEN BELGIUM M. Emile Dubois Rue du Diamant 215 4800 VERVIERS BELGIUM   Denmark Mr Thor Nielsen Tietgensgade 137 8800 VIBORG DENMARK Mr Torben Raldorf PO Box 100 COPENHAGEN 1004 VIBORG DENMARK   Finland  Mr Asko Teirila PO Box 511 39140 AKDENMAA FINLAND   France  M. Robert MARIN Rue de l’Eglise Dunes 82340 AUVILLAR FRANCE Mme Marie PAGE 23 Rue de Grenell 75700 PARIS CEDEX FRANCE When addressing mail to France, write the addressee’s surname in CAPITAL letters.   Germany  Mrs F Meier Weberstr. 2 53113 BONN 1 GERMANY Mr P Kunde Lange Str. 12 04103 LEIPZIG GERMANY Germany has strict rules about receiving mail, which, if ignored, may result in your mail being returned to you with no attempt at delivery. When addressing mail to Germany, always: • Use the new five-digit postcode (using an old four-digit postcode will cause delay) • Put the postcode before the town name • Put the house number after the street name   Greece  Mr George Latsis Alkamenou 37 117 80 ATHENS GREECE   Iceland  Mr Jon Jonsson Einimel 80 107 REYKJAVIK ICELAND   Republic of Ireland  Mr Gerard Carey 45 O’Connell Street DUBLIN 1 REPUBLIC OF IRELAND (Only Dublin has postcodes)   Italy Sig. Giovanni Masci via Garibaldi 27 47037 RIMINI RN ITALY   Luxembourg  M. Jaques Muller 71 route de Longway 4750 PETANGE LUXEMBOURG   Monaco As France   The Netherlands Mr J van Dieten Morsstr 111 2312 BK LEIDEN THE NETHERLANDS (There should be a double space between the postcode and the post town)   Norway Herr Hans Hansen Svingen 22 9230 BEKKEHAUG NORWAY   Portugal Senhor Carlos Manuel Pereira Av das A’Augsa Livres Monte Trigo 7220 PORTEL PORTUGAL Rosalina Silva R Conde Redondo 80 1192 LISBOA CODEX PORTUGAL   Spain Sra Ana Jimenez Mimbreras 4 03201 ELCHE (Alicante) SPAIN (The province should be included in brackets after the town)   Sweden Fru Inger Lilja Vasavagen 3 4tr 582 20 LINKOPING SWEDEN Switzerland  M. Andre Perret Schanzenstrasse 7 3030 BERNE SWITZERLAND  How to correctly address mail for Western Europe Australia Mr J Brownhall 264 High Street ALLAMBIE NSW 2100 AUSTRALIA (The State abbreviation should be inserted on the same line as, and between, the town and the postcode)   Brazil Sr. Ronaldo Ganclaves Av Paulista 952, Apto 16 B VISTA 01311-300 Sâo Paulo - SP BRAZIL   Bulgaria Dr Tzantcho Gantchev Dimo Hadjikimov 6 1606 SOFIA BULGARIA   Canada  M. Jen Durand 150 Rue Nepeau App5 OTTAWA ON K1P 2P6 CANADA   Croatia Ana Car Ilica 25 41 000 ZAGREB CROATIA   Czech Republic M. Miroslav Ondevejka Fibichova 92 125 02 PRAGUE 3 CZECH REPUBLIC   Hungary M. Horvath LASZLO Budapest Kossuth u.7 1055 HUNGARY   Israel  Mr G Kaul 27 Rue Yafo 91999 JERUSALEM ISRAEL   Japan  Mr Yushi Morimoto 504 Kasumigaseki 1 chome, Chiyoda-ku TOKYO 100 JAPAN   Republic of Korea  Mr Hong Kil-Dong 100 Sejongno, Jongno-gu SEOUL 110-050 REPUBLIC OF KOREA   Mexico Mr Joaquim Cepeda San Antonio Abad 120 – Piso 4 06820 CIUDAD DE MEXICO MEXICO   New Zealand Mr B Parker 64 Waterloo Quay WELLINGTON 1 NEW ZEALAND   Poland Mr Jan Kalinkowski ul Cicha 5 62-806 KALISZ POLAND   Romania  Mr Gheorghe Petraru Bd Golescu 38 77113 BUCHAREST ROMANIA   Russia  Ivanova I.S. Oulitsa Gagagin 7 103375 MOSCOW RUSSIAN FEDERATION   Republic of Serbia Mr Stevan Raukovic Palmoticeva 2 11001 BELGRADE SERBIA (Items for the former Yugoslavia should be addressed to the relevant Republic)   Republic of Singapore Mr Tan Kay Hui 532 Chai Chee Road SINGAPORE 1646 REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE   Slovak Republic M Jan Kemr Olsanka 18 820 01 BRATISLAVA 1 SLOVAK REPUBLIC   Thailand  Mr Sudhorn Yoothong 13/54-26 Chaeng Waltana Road Bang Kehn BANGKOK 10002 THAILAND   Turkey Mr Mazhar Alkan Iskele Caddesi 35 06101 ANKARA TURKEY   Ukraine Mrs L Projivalsky 252001 KIEV Prospect F Skaryna UKRAINE   USA Mr Joe Engle 1612 Dexter Street FORT WAYNE IN 46805 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Mr Bill Harrison 347 L’Enfant Plaza SW WASHINGTON DC 20260-6500 USA (If only the first half of the postcode is known, this will be sufficient, although both parts are preferred. The abbreviation USA is also acceptable.)

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