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About Us

Vincent Diesel is a luxury lifestyle brand based in London. It was established by a small group of young entrepreneurs with an unwavering philosophy and firm passion in luxury goods – offering impeccably crafted luxury products people love and admire. 

Philosophy – we don’t just sell products, we sell a lifestyle
At Vincent Diesel, we believe in creating innovative products, which simultaneously convey luxury and functionality. To own a Vincent Diesel product is to hold something truly exceptional in your hand - not just an object of desire, but a melticulous portrayal of its wearers unique sense of style.

The Vincent Diesel Team

The team consists of skilled group of artisans, craftsmen, and anthropometric designers with over 20 years of experience in the leather industry. Working together, they ensure each and every crafted piece lives up to the proficiency of the Vincent Diesel brand - each touch, each stitch, each scale.


Our leathers are also handpicked from around the globe - making every piece an exclusive jewel, crafted with a stout passion and exceptional attention to detail.

Our ideology underpins every piece we make. Thus, a Vincent Diesel product is not only one of great quality and value - it becomes a exemplary product that you love.

We believe these are the reasons our customers consider us more than just a store –rather; they see us as a global icon and pioneer in the fashion industry, renowned for gifting the highest quality crafted accessories to the world.

The value given to heritage, quality and functionality has been the driving force behind the success of Vincent Diesel which has continuously stimulated creativity and excellence in every product we make – a guarantee for the company's prosperous future.

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